Introduction: Cheese Burst Bread Croquettes

This is a simple vegetarian dish with a slight blend of Indian flavors. This dish was originally made without using a bread, but I tried replicating the same dish but with a different technique.

Cheese burst bread croquette is a very simple dish and at the same time delicious when made with delicacy and love. It hardly takes 5-8 min to prepare the dish. It involves the use of simple ingredients found inside the fridge such as spices, cheese, coriander etc. and of course bread.

Sometimes we aren't really sure about what to do with some leftover bread pieces bored from eating sandwiches. So this dish has the explosion of flavors that would just melt in your mouth.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. 4 boiled potatoes

2. Red chili powder

3. Dry mango powder

4. Coriander

5. Salt (to taste)

6. Mixture of spices (garam masala powder in India)

7.Grated cheese

8. Roller.

9. Bread slices

10. 1/2 cup water

Step 2: Preparing the Mixture

1. Take the boiled potatoes in a bowl

2. Add 1 spoon each of red chili powder, dry mango powder, and a mixture of spices (we call it garam masala powder in India).

3. Add some coriander into the bowl.

4. Add the required amount of salt as per your taste.

5. Mash the entire content in the bowl thoroughly such that you almost get a brownish-red colored mixture as shown in the picture

Step 3: Preperation With the Bread

This is the most interesting part of this dish

1. Take a bread slice and chop off its edges.

2. With the help of a roller (as shown) flatten the bread piece.

3. Now using a brush carefully apply water along its edges. Ensure that you do not apply too much water else the edges may just rip off.

4. Now take a small chunk of the mixture created in the bowl and shape it into an oval shape (as shown).

5. Top it with grated cheese and carefully roll the bread.

6. Press the sides of the bread to obtain the desired shape ( as shown).

Step 4: Deep Fry

In a cooking pot, heat some oil and gently put the bread croquette into it.

Fry it until you get a golden-brown color.

Your dish is finally ready for dressing.

Step 5: Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Drain the excess oil using a tissue paper / newspaper.

Now crack open up the dish and enjoy your cheese burst bread croquette.

You can garnish it with coriander and some tomato sauce to serve.

I wish some of you could replicate this dish and try it out. It is a very simple and delicious dish.

Feedbacks are welcomed!.

Thank you! and Enjoy your meal.

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