Introduction: Cheese Chopsticks

This is Mr. Egg, He has trouble eating his cheese wheels. Today we will build him, his cheese and his terrific bamboo chopsticks on TinkerCad.

Step 1: Plate

Make the plate with a half sphere and a ring.

Step 2: Cheese

Add the cheese, these are orange cylinders with custom bevel, sides and segments. Make sure at least 1 piece of cheese is in the air.

Step 3: Chopsticks

Add in the bamboo chopsticks, shorten them and line them up with the cheese.

Step 4: Mr. Egg "Wide" Shorthand

Add an egg and widen it, lining it up with the chopsticks.

Step 5: Hands

Add Mr. Egg's hands. Line them up with the chop sticks (you may need to flip them ect.).

Step 6: Legs

Add the chicken legs, line them up and make them nice, wide and long.

Step 7: Ears

Add the bunny ears (one of them bent) and line them up with Mr. Egg, leaving room for the Artiste Beret.

Step 8: Artiste Beret

Add the beret in the gap between Mr. Egg and the Bunny Ears.

Step 9: Finish

Make some time to line everything up, making sure to look at different angles. This Tutorial was made for the Tinkercad student designing contest, a submission for the silly solutions.

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