Introduction: Cheese Cloth Ghost Pokemon (Haunter)

Ok, the story goes that I was surfing the net one cold September day and found some super cool cheesecloth ghost tutorials on Pintrest. Then, my inner nerd came up with an insane and brilliant plan to create a ghost Pokemon. Needless to say that's what I did. So, lets put on some Lavender Town inspired tunes and take a look at how It went.

(P.S. Dose it seem a little late for Halloween, it is! Unfortunately, I'm just getting around to writing this tutorial. Don't judge!)


9 yards of cheesecloth

chicken wire

white, red, and purple spray paint (Make sure to buy extra purple spray paint just in case.)

starch (It took me about 2 cans)

black acrylic paint



wire cutters

paint brush


cardboard/poster board (for making stencils)

Step 1: Basic Shapes

To start off with, you need to get some chicken wire and mold it into haunters basic form. You do this mostly by, starting out with an oval shape and then, adding a bunch of cone like shapes to it for horns. Next, just push, pull, and shape the chicken wire until your happy with the silhouette you created.

To form the hands, you need to make two similar spherical shapes and then created three pointed fingers on each.

Step 2: Cheese Cloth

Next, take your chicken wire forms and string them up with some string. Then, drape and layer several strips of starch soaked cheese cloth over your wire forms. Finally, leave them alone to dry for about a day or so.

Step 3: Paint

Normally, this would be the part where you would remove the chicken wire from underneath the cheese cloth but, the starch ended up not holding the form very well. So, the chicken wire will have to stay in place.(You wont be able to see it anyway when you get done painting.) Speaking of painting, now would be the time to unload about a full can of purple spray paint onto your silhouette.

Step 4: Stencil

Next, go a head and draw Haunters face out on an old piece of poster board. Then, cut out the basic shapes to create a stencil.

Step 5: Face

Now, place the stencil on your cheese cloth form about, where Haunters face would be. After which, spray paint the eyes white and the mouth red. Finally, give the paint some time to dry and then, add pupils to haunters eyes with black acrylic paint.

Step 6: Display

Now, grab some string and decide on a place to hang your Ghost Pokemon!

Below are some of the resources I looked at and used to make this tutorial:

( I'm sure there is more but, I can't seem to remember all of them at this time.)


So, overall I thought this project turned out nicely. However, if I could do it all over again I would definitely pay more attention to the weight and shape of my Ghost Pokemon because, I was unable to remove the chicken wire from under it. Also, I would have tried to seal it, or something so, it could be displayed outdoors. In the future, I am considering adding lights underneath the cheese cloth for a spookier look but, for being my first time trying this I think it ended up going rather well.

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