Cheese Croc Jibbet

Introduction: Cheese Croc Jibbet

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Quick Steps:

  1. 3D Print the Models
  2. Glue them together
  3. Paint Yellow
  4. Wear your Jibbet


  • 3D Printer
  • Super Glue
  • Yellow Paint (or Yellow Filament)
  • A Pair of Crocs

Step 1: 3D Print the Models

I modeled a slice of cheese in Fusion 360. I made the initial shape then cut spheres out of the triangular shape.

Here is a link to the model on Thingiverse. The files include the Cheese Piece and the Croc Jibbet Base in the same STL file.

I printed the files on my Modified Ender 3, but the files should print on any standard printer.

Step 2: Glue Them Together

Step 3: Paint It Yellow

My Cheese Piece started as a different yellow than I was wanting so I had to paint mine yellow to make it look more like cheese.

If you used yellow filament then this step isn't needed and you can skip to the next one.

Step 4: Wear Your Jibbets

This is the best part! Once everything is dry then it's time to wear them out!

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    2 months ago

    What a fun and cute idea. Nice work! : )


    Reply 2 months ago

    Thank You!