Cheese Pie – Fast Recipe




Introduction: Cheese Pie – Fast Recipe

This is a recipe using white salty cheese (from sheep or cow

Step 1: Ingredients

- 2 eggs
- a tea spoon of caraway, only if you like the taste;

- 40 - 50 ml oil (my favorite is grape-seed oil);

- 200 - 250 gr. salty cheese;

- 200 gr. yogurt (~ 3% fat);

- ~250 gr. flour;

- 1/2 backing powder teabag (a teabag for 1/2 kg flour).

Step 2: Preparation

I switch on the oven to 180°C (356°F) and in the meantime I
mix the ingredients:

- the eggs with the oil and the caraway seeds;

- I add the grated cheese and the yogurt and blend them till the content become homogeneous;

- I add the flour and the backing powder and continue mixing.

If the content is too thick water can be added.

- I put the content into a tray, prepared with a backing paper and insert it in the already heated oven

Cooking time is approx. 40 min. or till the color become golden brown.

The pie must be sliced after cooling.

Good appetite!

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    5 years ago

    This sounds amazing and looks good. I have a question what is a "baking powder tea bag"? I Googled it and came up short.

    Suzana 1
    Suzana 1

    Reply 5 years ago

    It is a small bag similar with the tea bags, but with a baking powder, usual for half kg. of flour, about 8 grams. So I use only half of it. It is used for the aeration of the pie (to grow in thickness). May be in your country you will find bigger quantities of baking powder, I do not know. But normally in contact with air, loses its properties. So the bag must be closed very well. I hope I answered to your question! :)