Introduction: Cheesecake Marble Banana Bread

Hello fellow makers! I wanted to share with you a combo of two delicious treats I decided to attempt to Frankenstein together: Banana Bread and Cheesecake! The result was a pleasant combo of flavors, I'd recommend 100%. Continue on for a how-to on making this Cheesecake Marble Banana Quick Bread.

Step 1: Ingredients!

Banana Bread Batter

2# Ripe Bananas, Peeled

3 Eggs

7 Ounces Canola Oil

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

22 Ounces of Granulated Sugar

28 Ounces of All Purpose Flour

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1/2 Ounce of Baking Soda

Cheese Cake Batter

2 - 8 Ounce Packages Cream Cheese, Room Temp.

2 Eggs

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

3/4 Cup of Granulated Sugar

Step 2: Bananas!

In a mixing bowl, peel and measure out 2 # of ripened bananas. (If you have more bananas left over, freeze em for next time!)

Step 3: Wet Ingredients!

Next, in the same mixing bowl with the peeled bananas, add in the remaining we ingredients - the oil and eggs.

Step 4: Salt and Sugar!

Next add in the salt and sugar.

Step 5: Mix It!

Then mix everything together on med-high speed until it is creamed together and combined. See photo for reference.

Step 6: Dry Ingredients!

While the other ingredients are mixing/creaming together. You can measure out the dry ingredients, the flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Whisk those together until combined to avoid any terrible baking soda/powder pockets.

Step 7: Combine!

With the wet ingredients and bananas creamed together, add in the rest of the dry ingredients and mix until combined into a light fluffy batter. About 2 minutes mixing time on medium high speed once flour is all mixed in on low.

Step 8: Cheesecake!

After the banana bread batter is finished. Set it aside and grab another mixing bowl for the cheesecake batter.

Add in everything except the eggs.

Step 9: Cream the Cheese!

Mix together the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar on medium high speed until light, fluffy and creamed. Stop to scrape everything off the sided of the bowl at least once or twice during this.

Step 10: Add Eggs!

Once the cream cheese has been mixed together from the previous step, stop and scrape the sides of the bowl, then add in the eggs.

Mix together until combined into smooth even batter. You will probably need to stop and scrape the sides at least once or twice during this step to make sure the egg is mixed thoroughly.

Step 11: Prep the Pans!

With both batters prepped up and ready to go, prepare you baking pans next!

I had these nifty little disposable pans, smaller than the normal loaf size so it made 4. But if you are using a normal loaf pan, this will make 2 loaves.

Whatever you choose as your baking pan, spray and line it to get it prepped to bake with.

Step 12: Scoop There It Is!

Next you will alternate layers of banana bread batter and cheesecake batter in your chosen pans.

Step 13: Swirl It!

Once you have portioned out all the batter, use a skewer, toothpick or knife to swirl everything around, giving it a marbled look.

Then dust the tops of each loaf with a bit of granulated sugar to give it a crunchy sparkly top once baked.

Step 14: Bake It!

Next bake the loaves at 350 Degrees F. until golden brown top and a toothpick comes out clean. The length of time really depends on the size you are baking off. For my 4 smaller loaves it took around 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 15: Yum!

After it comes out of the oven, dig in! It's so good warm, and makes the house smell great for a day or too!

If you have any left over, store room temp or refrigerated in an air tight container or baggie.

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