Introduction: Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Chiles!

Recipe: For 2 servings of 2 chiles each.


  • 2 Chiles, I used Anaheim's, but you can use a Poblano or a New Mexico Chile if that's what you have on hand.
  • 1 package of cream cheese, any brand, light or regular, for added flavor try a savory herb or garlic type.
  • About 2/3 cup of shredded cheese. Any type that melts, I doubt Parm or Asiago would work but you can try.
  • 4 strips of bacon. I used turkey bacon because thats what I had on hand, but the pork variety works just fine.


  1. Start the coals in your grill. You can use gas but I don't know much about that.
  2. So slice the chiles in half vertically. Take out the seeds and pulp to make room for the stuffing.
  3. Take about a table spoon of cream cheese and spread it inside of each chile.
  4. By now your coals should be ready, you should spread them out, and clean your grill.
  5. Place the chiles on the grill, cheese side up, also place your bacon on the grill.
  6. Cover.
  7. Check back in about 10 minutes, make sure that the bacon isn't burning, if any is done you can take it off at this time.
  8. Cover again and wait an additional 10 minutes.
  9. Now check again and make sure everything has cooked. The bacon should be crisp and the chiles should be more flexible. If they are done then take them off the grill. Tongs are a great way to go about this.
  10. Take the bacon and chop it up, then sprinkle it over the chiles before the cheese cools completely.
  11. Eat! You can just pick it up with your hands like I do and eat it like a savage, or you can use a knife and fork if you're the civilized type.

I thought it was a waste of perfectly good grilling time to just make the chiles so I also prepared a couple steaks and some potatoes to go along with them.

Step 1: I Also Made a Video of This Process for Your Enjoyment.


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