Introduction: "Cheesy" Vegan Kale Chips

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This is a recipe for my favorite Kale Chips. :) 

First things first…you kind of need a dehydrator. You can make Kale chips in the oven..but than you gotta watch them to make sure they don’t burn and its a pain the butt. So get a food dehydrator, they are super to have for tons of reasons!


Flax Seed oil (I like to use this but you can also use olive oil)
kosher salt or Sea Salt
Curry powder
Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Step 1: Step 1

The first step is to wash and break up the kale. You want to make sure that the stem is broken off. Than you put the kale in a bowl and
add the oil. The best way to mix the ingredients with the kale is to “kneed” the kale with your hands tossing it until the leaves are throughly covered in oil.

Than you will add in the spices. Make sure you don’t add too much salt though because that can ruin the recipe real quick! Basically you will add the seasonings until it tastes good. By the way at this point if you want a KILLER kale salad you have one!

Step 2: Step Two

Next put the kale into the food dehydrator. Add a thin layer on each tear until full.

After you’ve put all the kale in the dehydrator cover the top and let sit for 10-12 hours.

Step 3: Step Three!

Eat and Enjoy! :)