Introduction: Cheetah Makeup Brush Roll

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This a cool roll up Make-Up case that I made to store and transport make-up brushes. It is made out of one fabric patttern a cheetah print that is a stronger of material. This holds a lot of brushes of all different sizes. This is pretty convient everything is in one place and fits in a purse or bag. I still might add a strap to it to keep it rolled up but this seem to stay rolled up fine the way it is. If you wanted you could make the back side a different color I just decided to make it all of the same fabric. This was fairly easy to make if you have some skill using a sewing machine. You can make these same type of rolls for tools, cosmetics, files, screw drivers, a lot of others things this one is made for brushes.

Depending on how many brushes you wish to hold will determine the size. Other than your fabric and thread there is not much else you need besides sewing tools.

brushes to put in it

Step 1: Tools and SUpplies

Fabric a yard or so


flat surface

tape measure

pencil for marking


pin cushion

sewing machine


Step 2: Make Base of Holder

The main piece of this is going to be a rectangle piece of fabric. Once you get your measurements, you can start with that piece. Also since this is one sided fabric you will have to make a back piece that will be the same size. I started by taking the brushes I planned on putting in it and laying them out to where they will be when in the sleeve. Then I measured the longest brush. Wrote that down. Then measured 2 inches for the flap part that will be folded over. Then measured how far down the brushes I wanted the flap to cover. Then I added a half inch on each edge for the seem. So mine was 15 in total.

brushes height


covering the brushes

seem allowance for sewing

makes a rectangle.

Make two of these the length will be determined by the space your brushes take up.

One will be for the front and and one for the back. If your fabric is double sided you don't need to make the back piece of fabric.

Step 3: Make Brushes Slots

If you measured correctly your brushes should fit on the the rectangle nicely. It's better to have more length then it being to short. I made the brushes cover about half way up the brushes. You could make and indvidual pocket for each brush and then make the height how ever you want. To make this all your doing is making another rectangle piece of fabric that will be sewn on to your base piece. The height of this piece was 6 inches leaving enough room to see which brush is which. I added an inch for the seam to be sewn. The width of this piece will be what ever the width of your base piece of fabric is. Sew over all the edges making your seem around he edge. Then sew this piece around the sides and the base. Do not sew the top of this to the back base piece that's were the brushes will stick out of. Once you sew those three sides you can start making the slot for each brush. Make sure your brushes are lined up in the way you want them. Start on one of the sides of sleeve and start with your first brush. Put the brush in between the two pieces of fabric.Mark a spot at the top where the brush will slide in and out nicely without having extra space. You don't want it to slide out to easy. Mark that line and take it to the sewing machine and sew a straight line to edge making sure to back stitch. Do this wall of the brushes till you get to the other side of the sleeve. Trim thread ends.