Chemex Leather Neck Handle




Introduction: Chemex Leather Neck Handle

This is a fun and simple project I did for my 3 and 6-cup Chemex coffee brewers to replace the wooden neck handles.

Step 1: Cut Out Pieces and Punch Holes

-Cut out neck and collar pieces from a sturdy leather. I made a paper mock-up first to get the shape and size right.

-Punch holes around the perimeter of both pieces. Punch holes at both ends of the neck piece for a button.

-Dye leather (optional)

Step 2: Assembly

-Using a strong needle and waxed thread, sew the collar to the neck and continue stitching around the perimeter through all punched holes.

-Add a button or snap as a closure.

-Wet the assembled leather and attach it to the glass carafe. Mold it to the shape of the neck and let dry.

-Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

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    6 years ago

    A good way to repurpose leather salvaged from other objects like furniture, etc. Nice!