Introduction: Chemical Free Sink Clean

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This ible will show a quick, safe and chemical free method for cleaning stains from a stainless steel or chromed sink.

Step 1: Soft Abrasion

First let me warn you only to use this method for stainless steel and chromed sinks, do not use on copper, ceramic or porcelain sinks as it will damage the surface.

So back to it, I don't like to pass strong chemicals to the waste water system but I also don't like stains on my sink.

I have found that traditional nylon scouring pads are not tough enough, but I always have aluminium foil in the kitchen.

Take a sheet, scrunch it into a loose ball and clean in a circular motion with the water running slowly. You may need to make subsequent scourers as the ball will tighten and become a smooth rounded ball, when this happens it is no longer effective.

Step 2: Result

As you can see it does a good job and it cost nothing other than a little elbow grease.

I have also used this method for cleaning machine parts, just always ensure what you are cleaning is a harder metal than aluminium and your good.