Introduction: Cheng ShapeCrete Quick and Easy Circular Pillars

Sometimes in your ShapeCrete creations, you might find the need for some pillars. This Instructable aims to show how easy it is to quickly pull these together for your larger creations.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

  • Cheng ShapeCrete
  • Bucket
  • Paint Stick (or similar stirring utensil)
  • Discarded paper towel rolls

Step 2: Mix the Crete and Fill the Rolls!

First, follow the instructions on the side of the bucket of Cheng ShapeCrete and create enough mixture where you will be able to fill the number of paper towel rolls that you have. In this case, we had 1 large paper towel roll and 1 smaller toilet paper roll.

Next, you stand both of the rolls on end. If you don't have a flat surface to work on, just grab a discarded cardboard box or piece of wood. You want the bottom to be as flat as possible.

Fill up those rolls! Take the crete mix you just made and pack it it those tubes, nice and solid. Do it quickly as the paper will want to suck out the moisture from the crete mix. But be sure to pack it well, then at the very end, use your stirring stick (flat side) to shape off the top.

Now... we wait...

Step 3: Time for the Reveal

Again, following the instructions from the ShapeCrete, wait for the proper curing time.

Now that it's dry, it's time to peel off the paper roll. In my case, it tore off very easily revealing a nice cylinder to use for another project I am working on.

I will say that the larger roll failed miserably and I was forced to redo it 2 more times. In both instances it was because it was not tightly packed (as noted in earlier steps), so be sure to pack it in nice and tight. You can also choose to reinforce it if you have some spare rebar hanging around, though in my case I did not. Depending on the strength you need the pillar, you would want reinforcement anyhow (but that can be left for another instructable :) ).