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Introduction: Cherry Blossom Lamp

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The cherry trees are already out of bloom but here's a way to have a blooming cherry branch all year round. In this instructable, I will show you how to make this lamp which also happens to be a great decoration day and night.

Step 1: Material

You will need:

- artificial orchid in a pot (mine is 60 cm tall)

- 2m wire with Christmas lights

- pink crepe paper

- brown crepe paper

- white fine velvet paper

- hot glue gun

- adhesive tape

- pen

- scissors

- some smaller stones

Step 2: Make the Blossoms

Cut the white paper into squares about 6 x 6 cm. Have some extra paper ready as you won't probably be able to tell the exact number of blossoms until you've attached the lights. Fold the squares in half and then once more in half. (picture 1)

Draw a curve on the open upper side and cut. Draw a small curve on the edge where all sides join and cut. Open the blossom. (picture 2)

In the same way make the same number of pink blossoms, just a little smaller than the white paper.

Step 3: Attach the Lights

Now comes first fun part! Take the artificial orchid and cut off the blossoms, we won't need them. (picture 1)

Start attaching the lights from the one light in the center of the wire. Attach it to the blossom stem that is on the top of the plant. Then go down securing the wire with tape and attaching one light to each stem. If you have more lights, just attach them to the stem of the fake flower. (picture 2)

If you have more light left after you've covered all the blossom stems, just attach them to the stem of the plant (picture 3)

Step 4: Attach the Blossoms

Place one white blossom on the desk and lay a pink flower over it. (picture 1)

Through the hole in the center of the blossoms pull through the light. Then press the blossoms with your fingers a little to close the blossom. Secure it to the fake stem with a tape. (picture 2) Cover all lights.

Step 5: Cover the Stem

Now your lamps starts looking like what it's supposed to be nut there is work left to do. (picture 1)

Cut stripes of the brown paper, about 1 cm wide. Starting at the blossoms slowly wrap the brown paper stripe around the stems . Use the hot glue to glue the beginning and end of the stripe and sometimes you can use it in between just to make the paper stay where you need it. (picture 2) Also press the paper to the stem with your fingers, the crepe paper will look even more authentic then.

You're almost done! (picture 3)

Step 6: Finishing Touch

Cover the fake earth in the pot with some smaller stones. (picture 1)

Play with the blossoms a little, open them etc. (picture 2)

Step 7: Enjoy!

You're done! Enjoy your new awesome lamp, it's really impressive in the dark!

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    Jane Ward
    Jane Ward

    3 years ago

    I would just use twigs, really fun, pretty idea.

    Creative Mom CZ
    Creative Mom CZ

    Reply 3 years ago

    Of course you can use twigs, then you have to make a pot with something solid to put them in or you can hang them. Also using real wood you should use varnish and some protective finish against bugs etc.