Introduction: Cherry Chili Dark Chocolate Bar

Hey everyone,
This is my first instructable, so hopefully it turns out well.

This instructable will teach you how to make a really good dark chocolate bar.

My roommate a while back bought some really expensive chocolate bars and one of them was a cherry chili dark chocolate bar, and I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make myself.

The ingredients needed are:

dark chocolate ( I had 4 Hersey special dark bars)

1 bag of ground chili pepper ( I bought Mi Costenita Chili Arbol Molido) A lady that I asked at Cash Wise said that it was "muy picante!"

1 bag of cherry flavored Craisins ( It was about half the price of dried cherries)

1 Zip-Loc bag

Mixing bowl or something to use as a form

Step 1: Melting the Chocolate

First turn stove on to medium or around that. I just didn't want to burn the chocolate.

Next: add chocolate pieces to sauce pan. ( I broke mine into pieces to make it easier to melt)

Step 2: Adding Cherries and Chili

The next step is to add the cherries and the Chili.

I added about 1/3 of the bag of cherries to make sure that I had cherry flavor in each bite.

Then I added 1 tablespoon of the chili powder to start off with. You can add as much or as little as you want, but I wouldn't add too much because then it would take over the flavor of the chocolate and cherries.

Cook the chocolate and remember to continually stir to prevent burning. Cook and stir until it is completely melted and thoroughly mixed.

Step 3: Put in Mold

The next step is to take the chocolate and place it in a form to harden.

I had a stainless steel mixing bowl that I put my chocolate in, so that it would be easy to remove once cooled.

Once in mold, it is optional to place it in the freezer to quickly set up the chocolate. I did this and it worked great because it made the chocolate very hard and easy to remove.

To remove chocolate, I placed the bowl upside down on a towel and then hit the bottom with a solid object and the chocolate just popped off the bowl and into the towel.

Step 4: Storage

Place chocolate in plastic bag to keep it fresh.

The last step is to enjoy!!! omm nom nom