Introduction: Cherry Chocolate Baked Donut Pudding With Malibu Margarine Sauce

Join Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen, on her crusade against the NY Board Of Health's decision to ban Trans Fat.

Her cooking show "Cookin' With Jolene: The Trailer Park Cooking Show", is taking them head on!

In her new episode, Jolene will teach you how to make her famous:

Cherry Chocolate Baked Donut Pudding With Malibu Margarine Sauce.

In this episode, Jolene shares her thoughts and concerns about the government getting involved in making laws on people's right to eat what food they want.

Learn to fool your guests with surprising ingredient substitutions and budget saving tips and tricks.

If you're a diabetic, a heart patient or under medical care, this recipe isn't for you.

But if you love fattening sweet food, and care about your future to live free and eat free without the government telling you what you have to eat... Serve it up!

Hydrogenated Oil! A Tradition for over 100 years!

Learn To Cook The Trailer Park Way! Enjoy In Moderation!

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