Introduction: Cherry Moonshine With Sugar and Yeast

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The simplified production technology which preserves the taste and smell of berries. Adding sugar increases the yield.


• Cherries – 22 lbs/10 kg

• Sugar – 11 lbs/5 kg

• Compressed yeasts – 3.5 oz/100 grams (or 0.7 oz/20 grams of dry ones)

• Water – 1.3 gl/5 liters

Step 1: Step 1

Mash the cherries by hands, mashing each berry. Pour the obtained mass into a fermentation container (with pitsor without them). Add water and sugar.

Step 2: Step 2

Dilute yeasts according to the manual on label and then add them into the must.

Step 3: Step 3

Stir it up, install a water seal (of any design) and leave it in a dark place with a temperature of 68-82.4°F/20-28°C.

Step 4: Step 4

After 7-14 days the fermentation will stop (the water seal will stop bubbling, the brew will get brighter and sourer, there will be sediment at the bottom).

Step 5: Step 5

I suggest filtering the brew through gauze before starting the distillation process in order to prevent the pulp from burning during heating.

Step 6: Step 6

During the distillation it is preferable to draw off first 300-350 ml of the yield into a separate container. That’s a harmful distillate that spoils the moonshines taste. Finish drawing off the main product while the potency of the yield drops below 40 degrees.

Step 7: Step 7

To improve the quality perform second distillation (draw off first 50-100 ml separately), diluting the distillate with water to 20 degrees in advance.

Eventually you’ll end up with 2-2.1 gl/7-8 liters (in terms of 40%) of soft cherry moonshine.

Step 8: Step 8