Chessboard Wood DIY




Introduction: Chessboard Wood DIY

Manufacture of a veneer chessboard with photo and explanation step by step, simple enough to implement. The manufacture requires some tools.


  • Veneer saw
  • plating
  • a sheet of plywood or medium
  • gummed paper
  • wood glue
  • clamps

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Step 1: Preparation

We must prepare a plate with a guide dimension on the right or left. And a loaf of width appropriate breaks.

Step 2: Cut Veneer

Veneer strips cut using the saw

Step 3: Assembly Bands

Assembling the strips using gummed paper 2 alternating colors veneer.

Step 4: 2em Cut Veneer

Make a clean cut and cut perpendicular strip the veneer again as the photos below.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble the veneer with the gummed paper by making a shift.

Step 6: Contour

For what it wishes you can add an outline.

Step 7: Tackle the Chessboard

Also prepare the veneer for the underside of the Exchequer

Make a hinge system with masking tape, it will prevent the veneer sticks awry.

Paste all the wood glue and put masking tape so it does not move when tightening.

Place the board between 2 large plate with a sheet of newspaper between the veneer and the 2 plates and then put some green seal.

Step 8: Cleaning

Use a sponge with warm water and a spatula it should suffice.

Step 9: Collage Songs

Cut the square chessboard and paste the songs.

For it to be simpler spread the glue on the edges and wait for it to dry. Once dry plating position and pass an iron shot to iron on a cloth between 2 to prevent spotting.

Step 10: Finish

Sand and glaze the board. There it's finished.

Feel free to liker.

You can find my other establishment on:


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    5 years ago

    I wonder if wiping out the gummed paper with spatula don´t damage or scratch the layer in step 8.

    I'm looking forward to making this project. It looks really cool.


    7 years ago

    What is the approximate cost to make?


    Reply 7 years ago

    It was the recovery so it cost me nothing. But I think there are less than 10 € of material.

    Mira asad
    Mira asad

    7 years ago

    Its amazing