Introduction: Chest of Drawers -refacement

Mrs Altomic wanted to buy a new chest of drawers for our youngest.  The old ones were boring stained pine. "Challenge accepted" I screamed at her.  Puzzled,  she calmly responded "there was no challenge, I'm tired of boring stained pine." Secretly I knew she was bating me to do something with the boring stained pine chest of draws, so to retain my Alpha male status I took ownership (I'm joking, I was sick of boring stained pine)

It was only after I had removed the first draw and started work on it that I  realized  "after nearly 5 years of following instructables (and criticizing every persons instructable) that I should could now create an instructable of my own (to be criticized by others).

Before and after photos.

Step 1: Tools and Material

Tools- scissors, nail gun, sharp knife/box cutter.

You will need some material - to cover you furniture item. I chose 2 layers -felt stuff for padding and then some silk for the outside.

Step 2: Getting Started

take off the handles/knobs.

Step 3: Adding Material

Next step is to place the front of the draw face down on the material.

You want to cut the material  about 2.5cms/ 1 inch extra (or so) larger than the front of the draw.

This extra material will be folded back around the draw front and stapled in place. note the cut corners for easier folding and stapling.

You can do both the underlay and outer layer at the same time to save time or individually.

Or you can just use thicker material so you only need one layer. I chose two layers of material so that it would look "softer"

I stapled every 3cms, and started from one corner and worked along one edge. I then went back to the corner and started on the other side.

Make sure you keep the material pulled tight as you staple as you don't want sags in the material.

Finish doing the other 2 sides.

If you wish to make the job look a little cleaner then when doing the draws start stapling the material on the top edge.put the material into the draw, staple the whole edge and then fold the material from out of the draw over the front of the draw. the staples should be behind the material and hidden. see the high-tech graphics I created using expensive software.

Step 4:

You will use lots of staples.

Have plenty on hand.

Just staple and staple and staple.

You'll be right.

Step 5: Finished Product


This took me about 3 hours to achieve.  Mrs Altomic was stoked. Altomic junior was exceptional stoked at the master piece in her bedroom.

I got rid of scrap material that had been sitting around the house for months, saved money on not having to buy a new chest of drawers, finally created an instructable and used my brain.

A few notes - make sure you have enough material before you start. make sure you have enough staples.  don't forget to add some wax to the draws so that they slide in and out easily.

Cost of this project - $4.87 (I had to buy more staples).