Chettinad Chicken Curry - Chettinaatin Kozhi Kuzhambu -

Introduction: Chettinad Chicken Curry - Chettinaatin Kozhi Kuzhambu -

Chettinad Chicken Curry – Chettinaatin Kozhi Kuzhambu -

75 villages in the Sivaganga district of Tamizh Nadu is colloquially referred to as Chettinadu. Long ago, this region was thickly populated by a mercantile community called Chettiars and the land of the Chettiars became Chettinadu.

Business took the Chettiars far and wide. Their expansion contributed significantly to the cuisines of the Southeast asian region. Anyway, that’s enough history for one recipe. Let’s get back to the curry. Our chettinadu chicken curry is fairly easy to make. All you have to do is, grind a flavourful masala paste and turn it into a curry that has no parallels. We loved it and we want to influence you to give this a try. This also happens to be our 100th recipe, so it is certainly going to better our past.

Our chettinad chicken curry will yield 6 servings, with 333 kilocalories in each.

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Enjoy chettinad chicken curry with any of the rice, millet, dosa or breads mentioned below,



Chicken is a good source of zinc which regulates testosterone levels and boosts sperm count in men.

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