Chevron Friendship Bracelet Instructions

Introduction: Chevron Friendship Bracelet Instructions

A wonderful hobby to have and to share with others is being able to make a friendship bracelet. People of any age can partake in this activity. There are so many patterns you can do. The pattern that this instructional will be focused on is the chevron pattern. In one sitting, this bracelet can take about three hours to make. Once you get into the pattern, it makes the process go by smoothly.

Step 1: Precaution:

Scissors (and X-acto knives) are sharp and could lead to injury. It is advised to pay close attention when using them. Lighters can lead to burns so it is advised to be very careful when using them to burn the ends of the bracelet.

Step 2: Materials

1.Yarn/String (3 or more different colors)

2.Scissors (Can be substituted with an X-Acto knife)

3. Ruler Clip Board (Can be substituted with an binder clip and a book or tap on your book)

4. Lighter

Step 3: Getting Started

A. Place the clipboard on your lap.

B. Measure 5 feet worth of string with all 3 of the colors you have chosen.

C. Line up the 3 strings and fold them in half.

D. With the loop make a knot. Use your finger to measure the loop. That will help the placement of the knot. (Overhand knot)

E. Place the loop under the clip of the clipboard.

Step 4: Setting Up Your String

A. Space the string apart from each other. Make sure the colors are mirrored.

B. Grab the first string and the one next to it and make the number four. Make sure the outer string is on top of the inside string.

C. Tie both stings twice. The light blue string is on top of the dark blue string. You will be putting the light blue string through the hole of the four. The longer part of the light blue goes through said hole.

D. Wrap strings twice until you meet in the middle.

E. Then on the right side, make a backwards four then make your way to the middle.

Step 5: Finishing the Bracelet

A. French braid the string until desired length is reached.

B. Tie another knot at the end.

C. Burn that end knot so that the knot does not unravel.

Step 6: Finished Product

Step 7: Chevron Bracelet Instruction Video

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