Introduction: Chevron Friendship Bracelet Keychain

This is a great way to customize your keys, water bottles, and bags. Depending on the number of strands and length you choose, this project can take a few hours to complete. This is perfect for long car rides, and is easy enough for teens and some kids!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • At least 4 strands of string, whatever color(s) you would like
  • Scissors
  • Something to secure it to while your making it (ex: clipboard, tape it onto a table, tie the end on a water bottle or keychain, etc.)

Step 2: Cut String and Secure

Hold the end of the string in one hand, and the other end in your other hand. Stretch both of your arms out to the side, and cut the string so it's as long as your wingspan. Do this for every strand. Put them all together, fold in half, and tie a knot so there's a loop. If you're attaching this to something, you can make the knot and then attach the object so you know it won't fall off. If you're doing it on a clipboard, put the knot under the clip of the clipboard to secure. If you're doing it on a table, tape it down just above the knot.

Step 3: Make First Knot and Complete Left Half of First Row

  • Lay out the strings so they mirror each other. Spread out the right and left strings. Grab the string farthest to the left (string A) and make a "4" over string B. Wrap string A around string B and pull through the middle hole to make a knot. Do this twice. Then, move string A to the right of string B.
  • Use string A to repeat the process on string C and then string D. The new order should be B, C, D, A.

Step 4: Complete Right Half of First Row and Connect Left and Right Halves

  • Grab the string farthest to the right (string H), and this time make a backwards "4" over string G. Wrap string H around string G and pull through the middle hole to make a knot. Do this twice. Then, move string H to the left of string G.
  • Repeat the process on strings F and E. The new order should be H, E, F, G.
  • To connect the left and right halves and make a complete row, use string H to make a backwards 4 knot over string A . Do this twice. The new order should be B, C, D, H, A, E, F, G (pic)

Step 5: Make the Keychain However Long You Would Like

Use string B to repeat step 3 through string H, and then string G to repeat step 4 through string B. Continue this process until the keychain is the length you want.

Step 6: End the Keychain

Gather the ends and tie in a knot. Cut excess and enjoy!