Chevy C10 Rat Rod



Introduction: Chevy C10 Rat Rod

Chevy C10 Rat Rod painting

The dimension: Width 24 X Length 60 centimeters thickness 2 centimeters.

Hello, this project I try to do something, that used the leftover metal shelf. The metal shelf is a good surface for try some things new in painting. I thought of the old truck that had a long bed and drop down low. The picture of the truck is rusted already, so it might be perfect for painting. The Chevy C10 Rat Rod painting looks antique on any wall in any room. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do the Chevy C10 Rat Rod painting project.

1. Metal shelf 0f any kinds. acrylic paint, paint brush.

2. Pencil, masking tape, cutter blade, sand paper, white chalk, and scotch brite sponge.

3. Metal iron paint, rust activator.

Step 1: Prepare the Metal Shelf

Look for some metal shelf and sand the old paint off. Then apply metal iron paint, I used the sponge
to soak up the iron paint and apply to the metal shelf at least twice. Make sure let it really dry, before apply the second code.

Step 2: Paint the Truck.

Now I enlarge the C10 Rat Rod picture, make sure that it big enough and right proportion for the shelf. Now I trace the line of the truck and transfer to the shelf by rubbed the white chalk at the back. Now I can see the truck and ready for the paint. First apply the white paint, due to the background is too dark, in order to bring up the color I apply light paint at first. All process of painting need to do many times. I apply paint in all areas and except the area that will be rusted will leave it as it is. I started with white paint, light green, and the final paint is (blue, green like turquoise) and l also use the picture for the reference to apply the other colors as well.

Step 3: Paint the Landscape Graphic.

Now I started to paint the landscape, if only the truck, it looks not complete, So, I add the desert sunset behind the truck. The desert sunset graphic goes well with the truck. But I need to repaint many times to make the color pop out form the painting. Next I apply the rust activator to the rusted area on the truck and leave it overnight. Then I use the cutter blade to scrape off around the outer line of the truck. Now I can see the shine metal and use wet scotch brite sponge to scrub off the rust if it too much. Now I check and make some more highlight and shadow on the truck, if need it. Then hang the Chevy C10 Rat Rod up on the wall. It rusted truck is pop out the painting looks good.

Thank you

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