Introduction: Chewing Gum Mold

It is one of the most frustrating aspects of societal life: stepping in someone's discarded chewing gum.  Disgusting!  Something MUST be done to curb the insanity!  Challenge accepted!

This sticky problem arises, in part, due to the scarcity of disposal options curbside.  This results in frustration on the part of the chewer and, ultimately, to improper disposal of said gum.  What would happen if there was something the chewer could carry with them that was always available to receive a gum deposit?  The world would be a better place, that's what!

Enter the chewing gum mold.  Carry it in your pocket and when you are finished with your gum, re-shape it, and convince yourself it is a new piece ready for the next time! 

  • empty Chap Stick tube
  • gum
When you would like to take a break from chewing, simply pull out your empty Chap Stick tube, insert gum, replace lid, and twist the bottom to pull the gum into the tube.  When you are ready to resume your chewing activities, simply twist the bottom to dispense a perfect cylinder, thereby tricking your mind into thinking that it is a new piece of gum.  Yes, it is THAT easy!

For those extreme recyclers out there who want to take a more active role in improving society, use your chewing gum mold to re-shape gum collected from the sidewalk, under school desks, and off the bottom of your shoe.  

Chew on that, Chindogu.
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