Introduction: Flavorful Chex Mix Recipe

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Chex mix is a holiday staple (at least for me). Every pot luck, party, and family get together should have a bowl and it can also make for a great homemade gift for friends. Pack it up in normal ziplock or get fancy little plastic gift bags to make it feel more like a gift.

This Chex Mix recipe is just my version of this tasty, traditional snack!

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Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

You should consider this ingredients list as a starting point and the main thing to keep in mind is the ratio of dry ingredients to wet/sauce ingredients.

For my mix, I ended up with roughly 20 cups of dry ingredients to the wet listed. If you were to increase dry I would say to evenly increase wet, make sure those wet ones are in the correct ratio to each other. If you were to add a little less dry, I would say to use the same amount of wet listed unless you make significantly less as the seasoning is what really makes this mix tasty.

This will make a huge batch. You can half everything if you want a smaller batch.



  • 6 cups of Corn and Rice Crispix Kelloggs Cereal, I used the whole 12oz box
  • I know it is probably blasphemy to use anything but Chex cereal, but it seemed more practical/economical to use a whole box of this mixed cereal rather than a portion of two separate kinds of cereal. You can also use 3 cups of Rice Chex and 3 cups of Corn Chex.
  • 4 cups Wheat Chex
  • 2 - 3.5 cups Peanuts or Mixed Nuts of choice
  • I was trying to use things up so I used a full 16oz of peanuts which was about 3.5 cups, this ended up seeming like a lot but if you really like nuts then it should be fine, especially if you used mixed nuts as it won't seem like so much of a single nut.
  • 4 cups Pretzels
  • this can change depending on the size and type of pretzels you use; the ones I used took up a lot of room in the measuring cup so they don't seem like a lot in the mix, but if you were to use smaller ones like sticks, this may seem like a lot so keep this in mind as you are measuring them in.
  • 3 cups Bagel/Rye Chips
  • I love these and would even consider adding more next time - these can be hard to find, so if you can't find them at your supermarket, you can get them online or I actually ordered mine from Walmart

People use a lot of different ingredients when making this mix. You can add (if you add additional remember to keep that in mind for your wet amounts) or sub out some cups of the above ingredients for others. Some other ideas include Cheese Crackers or Oyster Crackers or Goldfish. If you have a favorite add-in not listed, please share for others to try!



  • Huge mixing bowl
  • Large mixing spoon
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Measuring cup (you only really need the Cup size) and Measuring spoons
  • Baking Sheets - for the amounts listed above, I used 3 for baking and 3 more for drying (so 6 total) this isn't absolutely necessary to have so many but can make things easier for yourself if you have them
  • Paper Towels

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Step 2: Mix Dry

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn't take long, but neither should mixing your ingredients.


Start by getting all your dry ingredients mixed together the best you can.

Be careful when mixing that you don't break up all the pieces.

Step 3: Mix Wet and Add Together

Once you have the dry mixed, melt your butter and mix in all the other "wet" ingredients.

Pour 1/4 or 1/3 of the sauce mix on the dry ingredients and carefully stir. Repeat until all the sauce is on and it's mixed well. I did it a little at a time to make sure it was evenly distributed.

Step 4: Bake

Take your mix and evenly distribute it between baking sheets. I used 3 and they still had to be piled up a bit. If you don't have enough pans, I would suggest doing this in batches, but it does take a while so it's better if you can do it all at once.

Put the trays in the oven (preheated at 250 degrees Fahrenheit as I said previously) and bake for 1 hour. Every 15 minutes (so 3 times), take the trays out and gently mix it up. When I did this, I would also rotate the trays in the oven.

Step 5: Dry and Cool

While it was baking, I got three more trays ready (because I had enough) by putting sheets of paper towel on them.

Once the mix has baked for 1 hour, carefully pour the mix onto the paper towel trays. Just allow the mix to dry and cool. Eat when you feel it is an appropriate temperature, but it should only take 15 minutes or so.


Step 6: Finished Pictures

Just some more pictures of the finished mix to give you more of an idea of the distribution of all the ingredients I used. Take a look and add or take away some to make the ratio perfect for you!