Chibitronics Powered Fade Effect on Circuit Scribe

Introduction: Chibitronics Powered Fade Effect on Circuit Scribe

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After recently getting a hold of some Circuit Scribe, I’ve been wondering how to add more variety to the circuit without the bulk of a microcontroller. Fortunately we had some Chibitronics effect pack stickers lying around. Chibitronics are light weight circuit stickers that can be connected together on paper through conductive medium such copper tape, graphite or conductive ink.

Here's a really simple Instructable on how to combine the two.

For this Instructable you will need:

  • Paper
  • Conductive ink or graphite pencil
  • Circuit Scribe LED modules
  • Circuit Scribe 2 pin module and 10k ohm resistor
  • Circuit Scribe Power module/battery
  • Chibitronics Effects Pack

Step 1: Trace It!

Use conductive ink or a graphite pencil and the stencil from your effects pack to outline a placeholder for the effects sticker. Use the Circuit Scribe stencil to outline placeholders for the Battery, 1 resistor and the LED modules. Keep note of the battery polarity and make it correspond to the directions on the effects sticker.

Step 2: Place It!

Place your modules as follows and then try them out! You could use the LEDs to create a glowing flame effect or different effect combinations to be more interesting. I also tried the heartbeat and added a sound module

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