Introduction: Chic and Classy Neck Warmer

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This Neck Warmer is not only fashionably classy but also very WARM! It's made of soft fleece and is very quick to can make it in an evening!

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Buy Soft fleece material about 1/2 yard of 90" width
I wanted to make one for my i made it a bit shorter than I would for an adult. For an adult take the length you want plus add another 30" to make the ruffles.
My daughters finished neck warmer was 35" in full length. I cut  a length of 56". The width which was 8" would be fine for both an adult too. For an adult this length measurement would be fine if you don't mind the ruffles ending just above the waist. I prefer it up to the hip or just above.
As each adult will be different in height...the length too would be different..So you could either take the maximum length you have and then once you join the edges of the length you could like drape it around you and cut off the excess ( which you can use for the bow) or like i said earlier ...add 30" to the length you want for the ruffles. If you want more ruffles...then more inches! obviously ! :-D
Once you have decided the length you want...cut a rectangle...In my case i cut 16"x 56"
fold it in half so you get 8"x 56".

Step 2: Sewing the Edges

I wanted the edge to show behind the neck when I wrap the i folded wrong side facing each other...with once side being longer than the other so that i could fold over and stitch. Sew keeping a 1/2" width from the edge and leaving 1" on either side un-sewn ( which makes it easier to tuck in later ....else you will have to unpick!)
Now tuck in the edges in both corners and sew a half and inch border on the remaining 3 sides.

Step 3: Ruffles

To make the ruffles start from Side - 'A'
Fold down one corner about 3" and tack it under in side ' B' ( this is the back) secure it it for all the ruffles you make. Tack close the 'v' point a bit. Make small pleats and secure with tacks . Stop sewing the ruffles about 1/3 of the way up. now start the other end the same way but do only one or 2 small pleats. Now drape it around your model or dummy and  mark where to make the pleats around the neck...It should be slightly down on the sides of the neck...check picture. Now pleat it length width wise and sew a couple of machine stitches across to secure it. Drape it across your model and pin where the bow would come. Also mark where you would want the press buttons to be ( this is how the warmer will be fixed around your neck securely so get nice strong tic buttons.  Sew in the Tic buttons underneath and now make your bow.

Step 4: Bow.

Cut 2 rectangles about 51/2" x 10" right side facing each other and sew right round except leave a small gap to turn it inside out. Turn it inside out and tack it close. Now sew right round with a 1/2" border. Find the center and make small pleats and pass a needle through and tack it in and secure it well. Make a button with some scrap fabric....I made mine in size 32.  Now secure it to the bow.
Now secure the bow to the warmer below the neck ...check the picture for the appropriate place. There you are done!
I did it in off white so that she can wear it with many clothes...but bright colors will look lovely too!

Step 5: Show It Off!

This is very simple...but if you don't have the time to sew may check it out in Etsy...I saw it there...but it was sold out and so I made my own! which BTW is much cheaper :-)
Now wrap it around you and take a walk out's very Very  Warm! ...And you would look very chic too! :-D

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