Chick Water Dispenser

Introduction: Parts You Need

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You will need .
Scrap wood
Chicken nipple
Strip light clamp
Kids drinks bottle
Chicks to drink from it

Step 1: Scrap Wood

You will need scrap wood any size will do as long as the ends are cut strait .
Screw the wood together into a L shape .

Step 2: Attaching Clip

Screw the strip light clip onto wood at the top about 4 inches from the bottom plank .
I got my clip from the fish tank shop but they sell them at most hardware shops .

Step 3: Chicken Nipple

Chicken nipples are not as perverted as they sound they are cool little plastic do-dads that drip water when you touch the little protruding metal shaft . You will get funny looks asking for them at the pet store so best order them from ebay for about £1 for 4 .
All you do is drill a small home in the bottle top and screw in your nipple .

Step 4: Putt It Together

Screw your cap onto your small bottle clip it to your holder and your done . Don't forget to fill it up first tho .

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