Introduction: Chicken Biryani of Nagpur With Brown Basmati Rice -

Nagpur Chicken Biryani With Brown Basmati Rice


With ‘Biryani Of Nagpur’, we kick start our Indian Biryani Recipe series. One of us has a mentor that lived most of his adult life in Nagpur. He loves his biryanis and we were served the Nagpur variant when we visited him, at his home in Calcutta.

In our inspired recipe, brown basmati replaces the regular white basmati rice. White basmati is commonly used to make biryanis. We also managed to use our years of biryani making and eating experience to turn this into a special dish. Enjoy this chicken biryani with our fantastic onion gravy.

Our Indian biryani recipe will yield 2 servings, with 963 kilocalories in each.

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Onion Salan-Gravy For Biryani :


Chicken meat contains all the B Vitamins. B Vitamins prevent cataract and skin disorders, boost immunity, improve the nervous system and regulates digestion.

Curd minimizes high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels by preventing the thickening of carotid artery.

Brown basmati rice contains complex carbohydrates and no cholesterol. Complex carbohydrates provide energy for the brain and central nervous system.

Brown basmati rice is also a good source of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for metabolizing carbohydrates and proteins.

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