Chicken Bomb

Introduction: Chicken Bomb

You've seen the normal chicken bombs, but have you seen 3?
Warning: chickens will die, so if you don't want that then just do a normal one, without TNT

Step 1: Items

• 1 TNT
• 1 chicken spawner
• 1 solid block that isn't TNT, sand, or gravel
• creative mode

Step 2: The Platform

• just build a giant pillar and build 3 blocks out on both sides
•destroy the other blocks so it looks like the second pic
•add TNT in that one spot

Step 3: Chickens

How to make a chicken bomb:
• spawn one chicken on the block
• Spawn the rest in on the edge of the block, but on the same side as where you spawned it

Do this for each platform

Step 4: Death Ring of Chickens

•light up the TNT
•watch them all separate and some die

•do more of these chicken bombs
•do the simple ones
•pour lava on them
•light them on fire
•make a pit where they fall into fire/lava/cacti
•make them follow you around by putting a seed in your hand (NO ONE CAN STOP YOU NOW WITH YOU CHICKEN ARMY MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... O.O)
•Do whatever you want

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    4 years ago

    I made my self an army of pigs by spawning a bunch of pigs and put in my hand and ran