Chicken Cheese Tortilla Pizza Cake Recipe



Introduction: Chicken Cheese Tortilla Pizza Cake Recipe

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6 tortilla wraps

2 paprika

175g cheddar cheese

175g french soft cheese

250g smoked chicken breast

1 glas cream

roast paprika salt, pepper, curry, paprika

Step 1: Preparation

Cut the paprika in peices an fry them in a hot pan. Cut the chicken breast and give it in the pan and stir a few minutes. Scatter salt, pepper & paprika to it and give the cream to it. Stir it till it has the right texture. Lay a wrap in a spring form and give a bit paprika chicken mix on it. Lay cheddar and french soft cheese pieces on top. Make a few more layers to the top of the form and lay just cheddar on the top layer.

Step 2: Finish

Put the form in the oven at 180 degrees celsius circulating air for about 15 minutes.

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