Introduction: Chicken Coop RA

Creating a simple chicken coop!

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare the ground for the chicken coop, flat!

Step 2: Grab Your Supplies!

What you will need for the chicken coop is wood screws, nails, hinges for the doors, poultry net staples, tape measure, and the wood. For the wood you will need nine 2x4, four 11/32in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets of plywood, five 2 in x 2 in x 8 ft, and four 1 in x 4 in x 8 ft.

Step 3: Cut Your Pieces

Once you have everything measured out and ready to go, it is time to cut the wood!

Step 4: Sand, Sand, Sand!

Make sure you are sanding every piece before you start building!

Step 5: Roosting Ladder and Nesting Boxes

Before we started building we made the things that will be going inside the coop, like the roosting ladder and nesting boxes. The roosting ladder will be made 3ft x 2ft with 1ft in between each step. The nesting boxes will be 4in x 14in x 12in.

Step 6: The Frame

Once all the pieces are cut, it's time to build the frame. To build the bottom square, take four of the 4ft cut pieces of 2x4 and screw them together. Two screws in each board. Once the bottom square is built take the four of the 4 and 1/2ft cut pieces of the 2x4 and screw them into each corner, leaving 6in at the bottom, as if to be raising the chicken coop. Finish the top with another square of the 4ft cut 2x4.

Step 7: Doors

Before placing the walls, cut out the two doors; one will be 3x1ft and the other door 2x1ft. One will be for the chickens to get out of the coop and the other for easy access to the eggs.

Step 8: Walls

Add the sheets of plywood to each side of the outer walls, use screws in the corner and nails along the edge.

Step 9: Move Your Coop (If Needed)

We had to take down part of our fence out to move the coop into the back yard of our house. This was before we finished the floor.

Step 10: Finish Floor

Once the coop is moved, we flipped it on its side so we could screw in the nesting boxes and put in the floor. Once the floor and nesting boxes are screwed in and not moving, it's time to flip the coop.

Step 11: Chicken Run

Once the coop is done, make the frame for the chicken run. We made ours 4 1/2ft long and 3 ft tall. Once the frame is built, use fencing nails to put the chicken wire all around the run frame.