Introduction: Chicken Curry

Nothing like a bowl of hot curry over the top of long grain rice. My mother used to make it all the time when I was a kid now whenever I have a cold or need a pick-me-up a bowl of Curry always does the trick.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

2 to 3 pounds of chicken cut up (I used a whole chicken but leg quarters work just as good)
4 carrots peeled and sliced
4 potatoes diced
1 pint of tomatoes
Half a bud of garlic minced
One large onion sliced
small piece of ginger root minced
Small piece of tumeric minced
2 tablespoons of olive oil
One bunch of cilantro

First set of spices
About a tablespoon of cumin seed
About a tablespoon of mustard seed
About a teaspoon of fennel seed
About a teaspoon of coriander seed
One bay leaf
One cinnamon stick broken up
2 chili peppers (if you prefer it very spicy you can break the peppers)

Second set of spices
About 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder
About a tablespoon of cumin powder
About a tablespoon and a half of curry powder
About 2 tablespoons of salt
About a teaspoon of cardamom powder
About a teaspoon of coriander powder
About two teaspoons of tikka masala

One large pot preferably cast-iron or stainless steel (I started with a pot too small and had to change to a bigger one)
Some bowls
And various kitchen utensils

Step 2: Let Us Begin!

Put olive oil in pot on high heat and burn the first set of spices add onions garlic and ginger root and sautee then add second set of spices mix in well and then add chicken turn the heat down to medium high and cook for a couple minutes stirring often.

Step 3: This Is How We Stir the Pot Stir the Pot

Stir in tomatoes add in potatoes and carrots and just enough water to cover simmer on low for about 30 to 40 minutes or until potatoes mash easily with a fork

Step 4: Time to Eat!

After about 30 to 40 minutes turn off and add chopped cilantro cover until cilantro is wilted and served over long grain rice.

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