Introduction: Chicken Deconstruction

Breaking down a chicken is very helpful in a number of ways because you can get 8 different pieces for much cheaper than buying them already cut down. Also once the pieces are cut off you can use the chicken frame for a chicken stock to use in a variety of different things. Always make sure you purchase your chicken from a safe reputable supplier, and always make sure you wash your hands before handling the chicken.

Step 1: Buy Your Chicken From a Reputable Supplier

Buy a full Raw whole chicken from a reputable supplier.

Step 2: Wash Your Hands Properly

Wash hands thoroughly for least 20 seconds.

Step 3: Cutting the Wing Skin Down the Bone.

Cut the skin between the wing and arm down to the bone, at the connection on both sides.

Step 4: Break the Joint Through the Skin

Bend the wing backwards to break the bone through the skin.

Step 5: Separate the Wings From the Arms

Cut between the joints for easy separation (try not to cut the bone). Do this on both sides and the result is two chicken wings.

Step 6: Separate the Chicken Breast From the Middle Lining of the Frame

Find the middle lining of the chicken breast and slice through the flesh following the bone all the way down to where the breast attaches to the leg and thigh. Slice all the way up to the arms. To keep the bone in, find the joint close to the frame of the chicken and cut that while also avoiding cutting too close to the arm. To cut bonelessly, round the breast while avoiding the bone. When cutting down the breast use the breast bone and overall frame as your guide. When finished repeat on the opposite side. The result should be two chicken breasts.

Step 7: Break the Hip Joints

Bend the legs backwards exposing the joints through the skin at the intersection with the hip.

Step 8: Separate the Hip and Leg Pieces From the Frame

Once the hip joints are found on the left side of the chicken. cut to the right of the joint separating the leg and hip from the chicken frame. Repeat on the other side of the chicken until you are left two entire chicken legs.

Step 9: Separate the Thighs From the Legs

While bending the leg to find the right spot, very carefully slice through the skin to spot a white line almost in the middle, where the joint bends. Once the joint is found. slice through the middle between the two bones severing the thigh and the leg. Do this for both sides and the finished product should be, two breasts, two thighs, two legs, and a fully severed chicken frame.

Step 10: Put Up Your Already Cut Chicken

Once everything is cut up put your chicken in a container of some sort and put in the refrigerator or cook as soon as possible, for the chicken frame you can make a nice chicken stock with a mirepoix (carrots, celery, onions). peppercorns, salt etc. or you can always just throw the chicken frame away.

Step 11: Clean Your Station

Clean your cutting board and knife properly and make sure to use a antibacterial soap and wipe down the counter surface as well