Introduction: Chicken Egg Safe

Do you have an Egg Drop Competition coming up soon? This is the project for you! We will show you how to build an egg safe that will not only protect your egg, but will look awesome.

In this project, you will be constructing an egg safe. For those of you who do not know, an egg safe is a container that will keep the egg protected during an Egg Drop Competition. In an Egg Drop Competition, you will be asked to make an egg safe that will protect your egg. The goal of the competition is to have your creation built in such a way that when it's dropped, the egg won't break.

We hope that you have fun making this Chicken Egg Safe. Remember to have fun! Below are the materials you'll need to create your chicken.

The materials you'll be needing for this project include:

1.) Small-medium box

2.)White, red, and yellow paint

3.) Marker or pen

4.) Tape (white or clear)

5.) Scissors or Box cutter -- If you are under the age of 13, please ask an adult to help you!

6.) Extra pieces of cardboard

7.) White cardboard (or paint extra piece of cardboard white)

8.) Small Ziploc baggy to put egg in for testing

9.) Eggs for testing

10.) Newspaper / Paper

11.) Tissue paper / toilet paper

12.) 1 ½ rolls of Paper towel or 3 rolls of Toilet paper

Step 1: Paint a Box White

Paint your small to medium box completely white on the outside.

Step 2: Making the Chicken's Comb

Trace out the design you'd like to use to create your chicken's headpiece, or comb. Cut out the comb and paint it red on both sides of the piece of cardboard. Let it sit until it's done drying. This will later be used in the creation of the head in Step 14.

Step 3: Paint Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Rolls

Option One: Paper Towel Rolls (1 needed):

You will need to collect 1 paper towel roll for this step if you chose to use a paper towel roll. Cut it in half in the middle so that you have two halves. Once you have the paper towel roll cut in half, you can paint them both completely yellow.

Option Two: Toilet Paper Rolls (2 needed):

You will need two toilet paper rolls if you chose to use these instead of a paper towel roll. You do not need to cut these since they are already in two pieces, so you can go ahead and paint them both completely yellow.

Note that we used a paper towel roll.

The picture above shows them cut in half. After you are done painting your cardboard rolls, let them dry. You will be using them later in Step 11.

Step 4: Cut Out and Paint the Feet

Trace out the shape of the feet for your chicken. We traced one, cut it out, then used it to cut our our second foot. It made it easier since both of the feet will be the same size and shape.

Make sure to use your paper towel or toilet paper rolls to reference the size you'd like to make the feet.

Once you have cut out both pieces for the feet, you can paint one side (or both sides of them) yellow.

Step 5: Making the Chicken's Beak

You will need to trace a small triangle for the beak of your chicken.

The size of your beak doesn't matter as it is only decoration.

Once you have cut out the triangle, you can paint it yellow. Let the beak sit so it can dry. You will be using this in Step 15 as well to make the head of your chicken.

Step 6: Paint the Neck

Option One: Paper towel rolls (1/2 needed):

You will only need half of a paper towel roll. Cut it in half, like you did in the previous step. Paint it completely white and let it dry.

Option Two: Toilet paper rolls (1 needed):

You will be needing one paper towel roll. Paint it completely white and let it dry.

Note that we used a paper towel roll.

Whichever step you choose, let your neck pieces dry. You will be using it in Steps 14 through 17.

Step 7: Tape Your Box Shut

Tape the sides of the box shut, but leave one flap left out and not taped.

Note that we left one flap unpainted to make this step easier to see. Since this will the "tail feathers," feel free to paint it white like the rest of the box for decoration.

Note also, that we did not cut a semicircle in the box, it came that way, so you do not need to do this to match ours.

Step 8: Cut the Wings

Option One: Paint a piece of cardboard white:

Paint a piece of cardboard white and let it dry. Once it dries, cut it into the shape you'd like to have for the wings.

Option Two: Use a piece of white cardboard:

Cut out the shape you'd like to make your wings. Since they are decoration, they don't need to be perfect, so feel free to make them your own style.

Note that we used a piece of cardboard that was already white for easier assembly, you do not need to do this.

Step 9: Get Ready to Attach Wings

You will now need to attach the wings to your box. Put the wings on top of the box before flipping it over to tape them together.

Step 10: Attach the Wings to the Box

Flip the box over as shown in the picture and begin taping the wings to the box. Make sure that the wings are completely attached before moving on to the next steps.

Step 11: Assemble the Legs

Now that the yellow paper towel, or toilet paper towel rolls, are dry you can use them in this step. You will also need to get the two yellow feet pieces you cut out earlier.

Begin by taping one foot to a paper towel roll to make the legs. Repeat this step for the second leg so that you're left with two legs for the chicken.

Step 12: Attach the Legs to the Box

You can now attach the legs you made in the previous step to the box. Make sure that the legs are secure before moving on.

Note that they won't make the chicken stand on its two feet and are only there for decoration. So, don't worry!

Step 13: Make the Head of the Chicken

Roll up a wad of toilet paper or newspaper. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we shaped it to look similar to the head of a chicken. Once you have it all balled up, you can tape the ends together so that it stays together.

Step 14: Assemble the Head

Gather the pieces you painted for the head earlier. These include: the comb, the white paper towel roll, and the head you made in the previous step.

Attach the red comb to the top of the head you made using tape.

Attach the paper towel roll to the bottom of it the head as the neck of your chicken using tape.

Step 15: Attach the Beak to the Face

Attach the beak to the middle of the face using tape.

Step 16: Add Eyes to the Face

Using a marker, or pen, draw tiny dots to make the eyes of the chicken. You don't need to draw just dots, you can make your chicken more creative than ours. Do this on both sides of the face to ensure your chicken can see!

Step 17: Attach the Head to the Box

Attach the finished product from the previous step to the top of the box. To ensure a more chicken-like image, we taped it in the middle of the box, but feel free to be a rebel.

Step 18: Cut a Hole in the Box

Cut a small hole in the back of the box using scissors or a box cutter. Make sure it is small so that the egg doesn't fly our during your competition.

Step 19: Add Padding Inside the Box

To ensure the protection of the egg, stuff newspaper, paper, or toilet paper inside the box. Make sure to stuff the box full enough so that there's room to fit an egg inside.

Note that if your competition allows it, put the egg inside a baggy for easier clean up in case it breaks. If not, you can use it for testing purposes only.

Step 20: Congratulations!

Congratulations, you now have a cool egg safe for your Egg Drop Competition! If you aren't using it for an Egg Drop Competition, congratulations! You have a new pet for your home.

We hope that you have had fun making your chicken and good luck in your competition.