Introduction: Chicken Fry

This is another variation of chicken fry with the chicken fry mix powder.This mix is freely available in all super markets.I guess in other countries too there will be some other make of this fry mix.
Using this special mix powder the chicken turns out to be very crispy and delicious.
Those who does not like spicy hot chicken, can use paprika and mild curry powder instead of  chili powder /green chilies
My recipes are always unique ,spicy and hot, and I want to share my  special chicken fry.

Step 1: Ingrdients

Chicken with bones 400Gr
Onions 600 gr
Tomatoes 300gr
Curry powder
Chili/Paprika Powder
Turmeric powder
Chicken fry mix
Green chilies
1 Egg

Step 2: Roasting the Chicken

Beat the egg slightly with a fork  and have it ready in one dish. On the other dish  have some chicken fry mix ready. With one hand  first roll the chicken piece in  the egg and then  with the other hand roll it on the chicken fry mix .Cover the whole chicken with the egg mix and chicken fry mix powder.Use dry hands.

Fry them in hot oil.You should keep turning them on all side for it to get cooked. Since you need a lot of oil have a bottle ready.
The chicken fry mix turns out to be crispy.

Step 3:

Before cutting the tomatoes here is a small tip.when  ever you use tomatoes cut off a small piece  on top away. ( see picture)Temper  the garlic paste in oil,add ginger paste and curry leaves,when it is golden  color add the onions.Let this cook on slow fire for some time.

Step 4:

The quantity of the onions would reduce when it is cooking,then add the chopped tomatoes,green chilies if desired,add on curry powder,chili or paprika powder ,turmeric powder and salt to taste.Mix well and let it cook on very slow fire until the quantity reduces to 1/3

Step 5:

Mmmm the fried chicken looks mouth is watering.Can't wait to taste it.Add this to the onion/tomato mix.Cover and keep cooking on slow fire.Looks yummy

Step 6:

Chicken fans ...Go try this out.
Serve with Rice and your  choice of curries.

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Step 7:

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