Introduction: Chicken & Pepper Curry

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Ingredients: Chicken, 2 packs of frozen pepper/onion blend, Tikka Masala Curry Simmer Sauce, Long Roll of Bread. I enjoy buying this frozen pepper pack because it's much cheaper than fresh and last for the longer term. The bread was archer farms I got from Target for under $2 and I had already used some of it, so it's a great bargain :)

(I made this for a serving of four people, so you can adjust accordingly to your needs.)

Step 1: Chicken's First

I made this meal the second time around differently, which took I'll go over the easier way too. I wanted to go for this baked Oven meal, but the stove top is so much faster...I baked the chicken at 375° wrapped in foil for about 30 min and it was done.

Step 2: Sauce Time

I then proceeded to pour the frozen veggies and sauce so it could simmer, but it took way too long (15-30). So, next time I'd just heat both veggies and sauce up on the stove, pour it on, and let it simmer about 5 min if baking:)

Step 3: Bread

The bread is super quick: mix up some melted butter, olive oil, and spices you personally have on hand; and toss in the oven 5-10 min. Finally, everything is done! Total time this way with sauce preheated about 30 minutes. From now on I will do the chicken stove top: cooking until done, chop up a bit, add veggies and sauce, bring to boil and immediately simmer 15 min. Enjoy!

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