Introduction: Chicken & Ranch Mac N Cheese

For years I've been in search of a mac n cheese recipe that has everything I'm looking for. I love chicken and ranch, paired with macaroni and cheese. Now i have combined the two.

I was inspired to make this dish which is mainly taken from the recipe in the link below.

and I remix basic homemade mac n cheese with a cheesy ranchy twist.

Step 1: Supplies and Ingredients

ingredients list

2 to 3 different kinds of noodles

3 packs of shredded cheese of your choice

hidden valley restaurant dressing mix.

salt and pepper

garlic salt

olive oil

all-purpose flour

grilled chicken


dutch oven or copper pot





Step 2: Boil Water

Start by bring a large pot of water to a boil. DONT FORGET TO SALT YOUR WATER!!!

Step 3: Add in Noodles

Add in have a box each of two of your favorite noodles and cook to satisfaction

Step 4: Sauce

Melt half a stick of butter in a dutch oven pot with flour and stir until golden brown. slowly stir in milk and a half and a half until mixture bubbles.

Hint I found this to be the longest step in the process and would recommend a different pot if you're in a hurry.

Step 5: Season

Add salt, pepper, and seasoning to taste.

Step 6: Cheese

slowly add your cheese continue stiring until mixture is completely mixed

Step 7: Put It Together

add your oiled noodles to your dutch oven and fold the mixture together

season with ranch sparingly

Step 8: Chicken

take the desired amount of chicken and cube it. place in a ziplock bag and season with ranch powder and garlic salt.

Step 9: Cooking Chicken

place your chicken in a copper pot and cook thoroughly

Step 10: Final Step

Mix all together and enjoy

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