Introduction: Chicken With Mango Chutney

Are you hungry? Try this recipe on chicken with mango chutney. It is a fusion of the Danish and Indian kitchen, and it is a classic weekday meal in my family.

The dish is made of chicken and red peppers, boiled in a sauce of mango chutney, cream and soy sauce: Making it a salt-sweet creamy dish. It is quite tasty and perfect to be served with rice.

The portion I made was plenty for 5 people.


- 3 chicken breast

- 2 red peppers

- 1 big red onion

- 2 big pieces of garlic

- 2,5 teaspoons of soy sauce

- 4 tablespoons of mango chutney

- Olive oil

- A bit of butter

- Cream

- Water

- Salt

- Pepper

- Nutmeg

Step 1: Tan the Chicken

Start out by cutting the chicken into pieces, the add it along with oil to a deep frying pan. Tan it until it starts turning light brown (this adds more flavor to the food). Add the onion, and let it fry until it’s soft. Then add the garlic and a bit of nutmeg.

Step 2: Add Pepper

Cut the red peppers into small pieces.

Then add it to the frying pan, and let it fry with the other ingredients for a couple of minutes, until it has soaked some flavor and is starting to become soft.

Step 3: Make It Tasty

Here comes the golden part! Add the mango chutney and stir it well.

The chutney adds a sweet and caramel-ish consistence to the food, and it matches the unions and red pepper very well. If the consistence of the food is a bit like tough caramel it’s gut – otherwise you can add just a bit more of chutney. ;)

Let the mango chutney simmer for at bit, but be careful not to burn it! Sugar burns fast!

Step 4: Make It Creamy

To make it a sauce, add cream and water to the deep frying pan. I added about 1 glass of water and 3- 4 dl of cream, but you should add the amount appropriate to your food: Some creams are more fatty than other and peoples tastes are different, so just add what you feel is appropriate.

After adding cream and water I also added soy sauce. This is really what finishes off the food. I added between 2 and 3 teaspoons, but depending on the amount of cream and water you added, you may need to add more or less. Be careful not to make it too salty. What I did was to taste a bit of the sauce and then add what was needed.

When you are happy with the taste of the food let it simmer for some time. Mine simmered for about 30 minutes at this point, but feel free to take longer time. The tastes need to sink into the pepper and chicken and make them soft and tasty.

Step 5: Enjoy the Food!

I served the dish with rice and a bit of spring onion on top. It was a complete success – even my 3 years old sister loved it.

This is a dish that my mum came up with, a day when we had no food in the house, but she had to make a nice dinner. Since that day this has become a classic dish in our home, and we have had to share the recipe with so many people. Now I’m sharing it with you awesome Instructors – I hope you like it!

It is a delicious and creamy dish, but it still has a lot of flavours. It has a touch of summer and the Asian kitchen to it – and who doesen’t like that? :)

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