Introduction: Child Resistant Gun Nightstand

This project shows how to make a child/toddler-resistant nightstand for your small gun safe. It makes the safe discreet, and removes it from the reach of small hands. With a recessed shelf, it also provides the standard benefits of a nightstand! Total cost of nightstand (minus safe) is $64+tax. The safe I used was $160, but others can be used.


1. Can only be accessed from someone on right side of bed

2. Safe is out of reach from toddler in space between the wall and bed

3. Recessed shelf that does not interfere with safe opening

4. Everything black, hard to tell that there is a safe attached to the table

5. Safe fastened to table, a little harder to steal

Note 1: This project does not replace good parenting and gun safety practices. Do not let your child see when you get the gun out of the safe so they never know that it is anything more than a nightstand. Since my toddler does not have the knowledge/strength to rack a firearm, I leave mine without a round in the chamber. Also, take a class to learn how to use your gun. Contrary to popular belief, it takes training to be able to hit what you are aiming at and to do it safely. Also, teach your children about safety. Lastly, there are several types of ammunition designed for house defense that minimize penetration through walls, such as the Guard Dog round.

Note 2: For those that are thinking of writing nasty comments about having a gun in my house when I have children, know that it is because of my family that I have a gun in the first place. I believe it is my duty as a husband to be able to protect my family from intruders/aggressors. This project is a tribute to my desire to also protect my family from dangerous items in the house, the same way you lock pantry doors with cleaning supplies and move knives to higher drawers. If you live in a neighborhood where there is no crime, that is great! For me and my situation, I believe this is being a good husband and father.

Step 1: Materials/tools

Below is a parts list of what I used. Part numbers are from See photo or next step for board measurements.

Total cost (minus safe) =

Description - # used - Price each - item number/link

1. Gunvault GV1000D Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe - 1 needed - $159.00ea - (HERE)

2. Crown Moulding, 8' x 1.375" - 1 needed - $6.96ea -Item #: 206995

3. 1X10X10 TOP CHOICE #2 WHTWD BOARD - 1 needed - $18.87ea - Item #: 974

4. 2X4X96" TOP CHOICE STUD - 1 needed - $3.39ea - Item #: 7001

5. 1X3X6FT SELECT PINE - 1 needed - $5.48ea - Item #: 1208

6. Valspar 12-oz Black Flat Spray Paint - 1 needed - $4.58 - Item #: 416271

7. Grip Rite Ten 1-lb #6 x 1.625-in Phillips Deck Screws - 1 box - $8.47 - Item #: 15507

8. WHW CORNER BLOCK 2 1/2-INROSETTE - 4 needed - $2.72ea / $10.88 total - Item #: 123299

9. Valspar 12-oz Black Flat Spray Paint - 1 needed - $4.98ea - Item #: 416271


Circular saw

Drill with drill bits/screwdriver bit

Sandpaper as needed

Gorilla glue

Step 2: Building the Frame

See photos for how to construct; it really is a simple design. Below are notes to clarify which boards get used where.

The sides are 30" tall, made from the 1"x10" board. For the size safe I used, I put the top of the safe shelf 5.5" down from the top.

The safe shelf is the shorter 13" board, and goes on top of the 1x3's. The longer 16.75" board is the nightstand shelf and goes under the 1x3's.

The 2x4s are arranged in a "T" shape if you were to look at the end, and provide support to the base.

Complete list of board sizes:

Sides (2x): 1x10x30

Bottom braces (2x): 2x4x29

Shelf rails (2x): 1x3x29

Safe Shelf (1x): 1x10x13

Nightstand shelf (1x): 1x10x16.75

Nightstand shelf backstop (1x): 1x3x7.75

Vertical molding: 0.75x0.25x25

Horizontal molding (2x): 0.75x0.25x4.25

Step 3: Adding Trim/painting

This is pretty self-explanatory; I used gorilla glue to fasten the trim in place. Be sure to allow the full 24hr for the glue to dry before painting. I am sure some people will prefer different paint jobs, but for me the spray paint did a fine job.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

I am sure all safes are different; mine had two screw holes in the bottom for mounting and came with the screws. Just be sure to screw them in from the inside, so someone has to have the safe open to unscrew the safe from the night stand.

Not shown: An added feature could be a piece of 1x3 screwed to the bottom of the back and sticking out to the left. This would allow the nightstand to "stick" behind the bed post, and require moving the bed to get the nightstand out. Just a little added child safety/theft prevention.

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