Introduction: Child Location Monitor Using Linkit ONE

Now don't worry about your children...we can track them easily using Linkit ONE.....we can also track our friends and prank them.......!!!

Step 1: Components Required

  1. Linkit ONE Board
  2. GSM sim card
  3. GSM and GPS antenna
  4. battery

Step 2: Connections

  1. Insert Sim card in Linkit ONE sim card slot provided
  2. connect GPS and GSM antenna
  3. connect the battery to linkit ONE

Step 3: Coding

Linkit ONE code

In Arduino IDE select board to Linkit ONE and port to Linkit one debug port

click the below link to download Linkit ONE code

Sms tracking

change the power option to battery mode

Place the entire setup in you child's bag or your friends's bag and make a call to the phone no of the sim card placed in Linkit ONE.... It will responds with a SMS containing the GPS info of the board

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