Introduction: Children’s Console Timer, Any Model, Retro or Modern.

Children’s Console Timer, Any Model, Retro or Modern.

Step 1: Overview and Parts


If you need to ration/limit your childrens access to a console, retro or modern, or a TV - try this!

You will need.......

One locking metal cash box, preferably with a plastic coin tray inside.

(Ebay:Petty Cash Box Money Bank Deposit Steel Tin Security Safe With 2 Keys & Tray)

One programmable 7-8day timer, I used a SinoTimer 240v - direct INSULATED spade connector type

(Ebay. 7 Days Programmable Timer Switch Weekly Digital Countdown Relay Time Controller)

4 x INSULATED spade connectors

2 x metres of THREE core cable 240v

1 x 240v three pin mains plug with 5amp fuse

1 x 240v mains indicator light

(Ebay. Red Neon Prominent Panel Indicator Chrome Surround 12.7mm Mounting 230Vac with leads)

2 x Rubber wire protectors to protect the cable where it enters the tin box at the rear.

(Ebay. Rubber Strain Wire Protector Cable Cord Sleeve Bushing Different Size (ebay)

1 x earth tag

(Ebay. 10 Pcs Solder Earth Tags M3 ( 3.2mm 1/8" Hole) Thickness 0.67mm GM17

1 x electricity warning signs if required

(Ebay. 6 x Small 5cm Danger High Voltage Stickers Health & Safety Sign Electrical #5466

Take out the cash tray, turn it upside down and put it back in cash box.

from the rear drill 2 holes through rear wall of metal box and straight on through the rear of the plastic coin tray to accomodate the THREE core mains lead (240v) and the two core lead from the console.

At the front of the plastic coin tray, behind where the lock is drill THREE small holes (AND ONE LARGER TO ACCOMODATE THE INICATOR LIGHT BODY) these are to allow the mains cable and console power lead which entered from the rear to pass under the tray and come out behind the lock inside the box plus a hole for the indicator light leads to come out. - see pictures. If you have not got the console to hand it is an idea to thread a fishing lead such as a piece of string from one of the rear holes through one of the front holes to tie the console cable onto at a later date

Now stick the timer to the top centre of the upturned cash box with epoxy or hot glue OK, push the mains cable into a rear hole, under the tray and out a front holethese need insulated spade fitting putting on the live and negative. Leave the earth lead much longer, drill a hole in the side of the cash box and pop rivet an earth tag to it. Solder the earth lead to the tag BEFORE fitting tag to cash box side.Looking at my timer the 'mains in' is on the left looking at the clock face on, and the LIVE lead is on the outside - see colour of leads in pictures. the negative cable is next to it.When you have access to the device which you want to control bring the two core lead through the remaining hole in the rear of the box, under the tray and out at the fron behind the lock. These need to have insulated spade fitting put on and the live lead goes on the far right of the timer with the negative on the inside pin next to it.


If you are using a 'power on' indicator light the two leads from the bulb need to be soldered to the console leads, one to live and the other to negative before fitting the spade fittings. When power is sent to the console lead it will swith on the power light. MY PICTURE DOES NOT SHOW A CONSOLE OR ANY OTHER DEVICE CONNECTED - JUST TWO (BLACK0 LEADS FROM THE POWER BULB!! The silver wire seen at the rear and front is ready to pull the console lead through.

If you go for a 240v SinoTimer like mine (be careful they do a 12v version) this Youtube video will show you how to set it up. The timer in the video is NOT the same as mine but uses the same principle for programming in plain english.

Step 2: CONSOLE/TV TIMER - Any Console!

Step 3: