Introduction: Children's Dual-purpose Skateboard

This is a dual-purpose skateboard designed for children. It can be used as an ordinary skateboard or folded at the hinge to make it a small cart. The weight of skateboard is still difficult for smaller children to carry. Skateboard is no longer a convenient tool for them when they cannot use skateboard to pass (such as uphill) or when they have something in their hands. Therefore, I designed this dual-purpose skateboard, hoping that skateboard is still a convenient and interesting tool in the above circumstances.

Here are the basic dimensions of the skateboard, which you can use as a reference when making.

When the sliding plate does not fold: total length 78cm, height 13.5cm, width 20cm.

When the sliding plate is folded: the length of the horizontal part is 30.9cm, the length of the folded part is 47.1cm, and the overall height is 54.23cm.


An ordinary skateboard, the size of the skateboard I made is 78cm long, 20cm wide and 13.5cm high.

2 metal hinges.

Hot glue gun and hot glue.

Step 1: Cutting Skateboard

Divide the sliding plate into two parts and dig out the handrail of the cart. Pay attention to measure the length that users are accustomed to first. Here, the long part is 47.1cm long and the short part is 30.9cm long.

Step 2: Grooving

Dig out the space for installing the hinge on the sliding plate surface. Pay attention to make the size and depth of the groove coincide with the hinge.

Step 3: Mounting Hinge

Take 2 hinges and stick them in the positions shown in the figure with hot glue.

Step 4: Installing Sliding Wheel

Assemble the sliding plate bracket, bearing, sliding plate wheel, bridge, bridge pin, sandpaper, side nut, cylinder ring, main pin of bracket, etc.

Step 5: Commissioning

Try to put some objects on it to test its bearing capacity.

Step 6: Place

You can hang it on the wall so it's easy to organize.

Step 7: Decorate

Finally,paint your favorite pattern on the drawing board to finish your skateboard.

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