Introduction: Children's Rubber Slide Board

This a good thing.

Step 1:

1, first use wood block to make a 90*29, two

90*10, four 35*10, two 35*20mm, 2mm high wood splicing;

Step 2:

2. Use two cylinders to make a circular plate with a diameter of 40mm and a height of 2mm, make the circular plate tilt 22.5 degrees, and splice it on both sides of the board;

Step 3:

3, use a transparent 160*40mm 10mm high

transparent board and all groups, the bottom of the board out of the extra part of the round board disappeared;

Step 4:

4. Make wheels: make a cylinder with a

diameter of 15mm and a height of 6mm. Then use a transparent cylinder with a diameter of 7mm and a height of 6mm to change the solid cylinder with a diameter of 15mm into a hollow cylinder.

Make a cylinder with a diameter of 7mm and a
height of 34mm and two polygons with a height of 6x5.2mm and a height of 3mm.

Combine five parts into this.The wheels are ready.Group the wheels and


Step 5:


Make two pieces of 20*22mm high 2.01mm wood boards, connect them with two mitsubishi columns at a certain Angle, and combine the 20*22mm wood boards with wheels and the

connected mitsubishi columns with the handle handle cut in the connector.

Step 6:

6.Pull out the letter s, u, p, e, r and b, set it to 0.02mm high to be attached to the bottom of the skateboard, and add some stars to be attached around superb.

You love me so I can breathe. Put a heart in the middle of
the skateboard. Put three stars underneath the heart to form a shape around the heart .

Step 7:

7, on the four wheels, is "huang" "Dan" "jie” cong" pinyin “huang””Dan””jie””cong”.

The skateboard is done.

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