Introduction: Children's Step Stool

My sister wanted a step stool for her two year old in the bathroom. The following is what I came up with and is my first instructable. For this project I used only what I had lying around from previous projects so this stool could definitely be modified and improved upon.

I used scrap pine boards from another project:

x4 - 4"-1"-16.5" (For the step tops)
x2 - 3"-1"-15" (For the front supports)
x1 - 12"-1"-15" (The back)
x2 - 12"-1"-14" (The sides)


-Appropriate Safety Equipment for working with power tools and dust.
-Circular Saw
-Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
-1 1/4" pocket screws
-Wood glue
-Sand Paper/Sander
-Measuring Tape

Step 1: All the Cuts

Step 2: Drill the Pocket Holes

I decided on using pocket screws to join the pieces together due to ease of use. The job is truly simple if you pick up a Kreg pocket hole jig from any of the big box stores. You will fall in love with this tool if you like making furniture projects.

I recommend doing a dry run on assembling your project by just balancing everything together. This way you can see where all of your peices will join up and you can mark where you will put your screws.

Depending on how you wish to finish your project you will definitely want to sand your pieces when your holes are drilled and possibly stain or paint before you put everything together.

Step 3: Putting It Together

You may want a second person and/or some clamps to hold everything together as you glue and screw the pieces together. Make sure you use 1 1/4" pocket screws.

Start by securing the back piece to the sides.

Flip the stool over and attach the top steps working your way piece by piece to the bottom step and brace.

Step 4: Finish

Make sure everything is well sanded minimizing the chance for splinters. Since this is for a toddler I have rounded all the corners and edges as well.