Children's Stomp Monster Foot Craft

Introduction: Children's Stomp Monster Foot Craft

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Has your little toddler ever tried to fit into your shoes? Will they not even wear shoes of their own? Well, now they'll be running to put on their Stomp Monster Feet! These super cute toy shoes are super easy to make and will keep your toddler entertained for hours!



permanent markers

string or yarn


Step 1: Outline Foot

Trace your foot, except make it large. Use your foot shape to get the general idea. Make your lines about two inches from your foot, so you end up with a huge foot. Use a pencil to begin. After you are satisfied with your shape, outline in sharpie.

Step 2: Cut Out Your "Foot"

Cut out your foot. You may want to use your EXACTO knife, because it will make a cleaner cut, but I used scissors, so they will do for now.

Step 3: Design Toes

Create your toes and other designs however you like. I made huge toenails and toes. Be creative!

Step 4: String, String, String!

Make small cuts, two per side, close to the middle of the foot. They should just be small slits. Choose your thread, and string them through the slits. Look at the pictures for reference.

And You're DONE!!! You now have a great kiddie-monster-stomp foot!

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