Introduction: Child's Climbing Wall

This is my first attempt at an Instructables so I apologize if it lacks the quality you desire. My 18 month old son has taken a fascination with climbing...everything. So I built this climbing wall to appease him, and make it easier on us to keep him safe.

Materials needed:

1 - 3/4" plywood.

3 - 96" 2x4

T-Nuts - Can get them in packs of 50 or 100 from Amazon

Climbing holds - From Amazon, get as many as you think you need.

Box of 3" screws

Chalk Line

Drill with 7/16" bit, preferably brad point bit.

Step 1: Making the Main Wall

Start by cutting the plywood to the desired size and then cutting a bevel at both the top and the bottom. The bevels allow the board to sit flat on the ground and provide a level surface at the top for a platform.

Cut the 2x4s to match the board flush on both ends. This will help make the wall more stable. Use the 3" screws to attach the board to the legs.

Step 2: Adding the Holds

If you got the bolt on holds you'll need to drill holes for the T-Nuts. T-Nuts are usually 3/8" in diameter so you'll need to drill 7/16" holes for them to fit.

Using a chalk line, measure 4" from all edges and then make marks every 8" to form a grid. Drill a 7/16 hole at each intersection. Lay the board face down and hammer in the T-Nuts into the holes you drilled. Do not do this step after everything is assembled or you could risk stripping out the screws.

Once all the T-Nuts are in you can bolt on the holds in the configuration of your choosing. You can add to all the holes if you want, or in my case, every other. But having a T-Nut in every hole gives you the option of changing the holds on a whim without disassembling to add new holds.

Step 3: Add Support Legs

Cut remaining 2x4s to make legs for the top platform. Making sure the platform is level. You can bolt these to your wall studs if you feel the need.

Use plywood or other material to make the platform. I used a piece of an old IKEA desk made of particle board as the platform because of the smooth veneer. I cut it 18" wide to accommodate my son's size. Feel free to make it larger to fit your needs. Use the 3" screws to attach everything.

Step 4: Complete!

It's done. Highly recommend padding around the bottom just in case. My wife and are on him like a hawk when he climbs but that doesn't mean he hasn't slipped before. A future add on will be railings at the top. It used to be that when he got to the top he clapped and danced then we would get him down and he'd climb again. Now he wants to climb back down.