Childs Neopixel Sunrise Alarm Clock




Introduction: Childs Neopixel Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is a simple alarm clock that switches between a day and a night image so children who can't tell the time know when it's acceptable to get up in the morning. It was thrown together out of necessity when I realised I had left our real clock at grannies. I thought I would share the details here though in case anyone else wants to try a clock for their own child.



  • Power for the whole arrangement comes through the USB connection
    5V, GND from both the RTC and the Neopixel Ring are connected to the Arduino.
  • Data in from the Neopixel Ring connects to Digital input 2 on the Arduino
  • SCL of the RTC goes to Analogue input 5 on the Arduino
  • SDA of the RTC goes to Analogue input 4 on the Arduino



Full source is available for download from here

  • The first lines of the setup function define the time that the alarm will go off
  • The RTC and Neopixel ring are initialised
  • Two alarms are created, one at the time previously specified another an hour later
  • The main loop of the program does nothing except create a delay that keeps the timer ticking
  • LightsOn function, creates the short sunshine animation when the alarm goes off
  • LightsOff function, switches the LED's back to night time colour

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    4 years ago

    So i built the sunrise clock but im having a little trouble with the alarm. when i set the alarm nothing happens at the set time. (i set the board time before uploading your program and could read correct time)

    when i power it up it runs the sun rise effect. cycling through the led's.

    When i power it up


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks relatively simple, yet brilliant!

    I need something like this for a couple of my kids. For weekend mornings.

    (Why do they get up so damn early?!)