Introduction: Chilli Paneer Recipe

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Chilli paneer is a Indo Chinese recipe where cubes of paneer (cottage cheese) is coated with flour and fried till crisp golden. These fried paneer pieces are then stir fry with spices, vegetables and sauces like dark soya sauce, chilli sauce. It can be prepared as a dry preparation and a gravy version. This recipe is adapted from chilli paneer restaurant style.

Step 1: Coating the Paneer

Cut the paneer into 1 inch cube size pieces. Apply little salt and white pepper powder. Make a batter with 3 teaspoon corn flour and 2 teaspoon all purpose flour adding little water.
Dip the paneer pieces into the batter and coat them evenly from all sides.

Step 2: Frying the Paneer

Heat oil in a deep vessel pan in medium flame heat. When the oil become hot lower the gas flame to low and carefully add the batter coated paneer pieces one by one. Fry them till crisp golden. Remove them in a absorbent paper to absorb any excess oil.

Step 3: Making Chilli Paneer

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan or wok and fry the chopped ginger and garlic till light brown. Add the bell peppers, capsicum and onion cubes and stir fry till translucent. Pour little water and simmer for one minute. Add remaining white pepper powder,salt and green chili. Pour the dark soya sauce and red chilly sauce. Simmer for one more minute. Add the fried paneer pieces. Stir to mix well. Then pour 2 - 3 teaspoon corn flour slurry into the paneer mixture and simmer till the sauce thickens and well coated with the paneer pieces. Sprinkle some chopped spring onions and remove when the sauce become dry. Serve them hot.