Introduction: Chilli Sauce

As me and my partner love spicy food, every year we grow heaps of chillies of many kinds. Usually we just use them for cooking, bud last year I decided to make a really spici chilli sauce as those you can buy in shops we eat like a ketchup :)

The sauce turned out really spicy, big tasty at the same time, so I made another lot this year and going to make it as our autumn tradition.

Step 1: Get a Quality Stuff

First step As I mentioned earlier is grow your own chillies. Those I'm using you can not usually buy in shops and some of them are the most spicy chillies on the world. I also using fresh herbs from my garden.

Step 2: Ingredients

Chilli peppers I use are mix of few kinds: Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (1,4million SHU), Infinity (1million SHU), Bhut Jolokia (1million SHU), Tabasco (500,000 SHU), Thai Chilli (150,000 SHU), Serrano (20,000 SHU), Jalapeno (5,000 SHU)

300g chillies

1 Brown onion

4-6 tomatoes

2 red capsicum

5 cloves of garlic

Fresh herbs: Thyme, Mint, Rosemary

1 tbs sugar

freshly ground pepper





Medium size pot

Food processor

Large pot

Few small bottles or jars

Step 3: Preparation

Heat couple of spoons of oil in a pot and add diced onion. While onions slowly frying, chop the chilies using the gloves, tomatoes and capsicum.When the onions get glossy golden colour add all chopped vegetable salt, sugar and pepper and bring to simmer. Add couple of finely chopped garlic cloves and litle bit of rosemary and let simmer for about 15 min. Just before you turn the heat off add rest of the finely chopped herbs and garlic, mix it well and let it cool down for about half an hour. Then blend the mixture in food processor or by stick blender or press it through a sift if you don't like a seeds in.

Step 4: Preservation

Fill the sauce in to the bottles or jars put it in a large pot with just enough of water to cover the jars. Bring it to boil and on the low heat simmer for about 20 min which preserves the sauce.

Than you can store it in pantry and use it for a cooking or just as a sauce on your sandwich or with your meal. Enjoy!

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