Introduction: Chimborazo Construction-Tinkercad/Scene

This project its a creation of the Chimborazo mountain because it is what represent the Chimborazo province in Ecuador and its a really important mountain and a interesting topic everybody should know. This project was made in tinkercad with a lot of effort and creativity it help me a lot to learned how too use tinkercad better by exploring and finding out new things. I choose the Chimborazo mountain because when i was little i went with my family and went in a little expedition to climb the mountain but i was so little i wasn't even able to climb up to the first refuge but it was and experience i will never forget.

Step 1: Create the Base

To start the creation of the Chimborazo ,first we need to put the base so we select the shape of Voronoi by clicking on shape generators and selecting on features and then searching for the shape called voronoi . We drag the shape to the working space and extend it, then by clicking on the extended image we change the color to dark brown .

Step 2: Construction Mountains

For the creation of the mountains we star by clicking in basic forms and choosing the form called Paraboloide we click the form and drag it to our working space then we expand it until it is the same size as the picture after this we do the same with another Paraboloide form till we get the exact image as in the picture two Paraboloide combine which we change the dolor to light brown,to continue with the white part which makes the creation more realistic we pic from the basic forms the cone then we drag it and expand it to but with this form we need to put it on top so i can create the illustration of the mountain so by clicking the form a black arrow will apear on top the cone you click and drag the black arrow up till it is as the same high as in the picture and off course we change the cone to the color white.

Step 3: Creating the Grass

So to this part is really easy because it basically consist in copy and paste ,so first we need to create the grass in which we begin by selecting the half-sphere and drag it to the work space then we click the form and with our keyword we type cmd-c and then we type cmd-v until we have the exact amount of half-spheres we have in the picture after we finished doing that we start on changing the sizes of the half-spheres to bigger,taller or smaller by clicking the form and expanding it form the final touch of the grass we have selected three types of green which you can see are the three green the program gives you as example so we start to put a different color of green to each half-spheres.

Step 4: Tress and Final Details

The creation of the tress are really simple we choose the form cylinder and drag it to our work space then we click the cylinder so we can straightened out and it becomes something related to a tree trunk we change the form to dark brown and then in our keyboard by having our form selected we type cmd-c and then cmd-v to copy and paste the tree trunk 5 times,after this we drag the tree trunks and put three on each side of the mountain to finished we click the half-spheres and drag them to the workspace we make them smaller so they can look as te tree leaves and then to the same thing we do to copy and paste the three trunks we move each half-spheres next to each of the tree trunks to put one in top of other we do the exact same thing we do to put the white part on top of the mountains to finished with the last details we need to change the half-spheres color to light yellow.

Your creation of the Chimborazo is finished but you are more than welcome to change the colors if you don´t like or even add more details is up to you. :)

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